Diary of a God Girl

…eat slow, take small bites

Who Am I?

I am an ex-sinner, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a peace maker, bird lover, grace giver, truth seeker; I am a word, a smile, a glass of red wine; a cut, a confession, a tear in your eye; I am lasagna and meatballs on Sunday afternoon; I love Derek Jeter from Nashville up to the moon; I am a dance on a log, the time of my life, I am part of a movie phenomenon; I am a lover of anything colored red, a songwriter, a good listener, I am Stef’s BFF;  I am a rising star looking for my sky place… fallen short of God’s glory…I am scissor, I am tape; I am an angry intolerant gossip hater, a voice for the Truth, a killer of lies; I am a believer in One word, a spark of One light, I am camera ready, I am a new life.






One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. WOW! I always knew you where special Denise! I have some time this week to read all of your writings. I am a Christian though highly suspicious of organized religion. My relationship is between God and I and some help and “study hints” a student of a biblical and historical scholar that demands I do not believe anything he teaches – that I am to prove to myself what ever I have been told or taught by anyone. Lots of wonderful work! But that’s me. So glad I found this site and you. Agape and Phileo, Duane H


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