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The Windshield Wipers

It’s been raining a lot in Nashville and I’ve been driving around with one flappy windshield wiper watching that stupid thing lash rubber against the glass for weeks now. No telling where a raindrop would get flung off too. I could still see through one small clean swipe if I ducked my chin and looked down a bit.

I’ve been on a budget lately and being a girl the last thing I want to do is pay for anything that is car related.

One guy said 40 bucks for the wipers and you need a new ignition coil and some plugs about 300 all together. Another guy said I could change the wipers myself.

So the other day I stood in the rain and tried to at least swap sides. The passenger’s side was good. The driver’s side was flappy. I tried pulling those things out and couldn’t get them to budge.  I think to myself I’ll just get some scissors and cut those flappin’ things off. 

Last night I woke up in the middle of the dark and I wondered for a moment does God really see ALL my needs?

I doubt my own faith.

That morning I get in my car and drive to Walmart all stiff and twisted questioning God. It begins to RAIN and I think how much I hate what I’m about to do.

I turn the windshield wipers on.

I look for the flaps and they’re gone and I didn’t cut them off either. I watch the wipers go back and forth, over and over and still no flap. I am in shock looking through the windshield of my car while it’s raining and seeing the trees and the road and the cars all clear.  My jaw dropped. I have new windshield wipers and I can’t take my eyes off of them.

God put windshield wipers on my car while I was sleeping.

I cried all the way to Walmart.  I took care of what I needed to take care of and as I was making my way to the exit, still in shock, a sweet black woman turned her cart around the corner and looks at me and says, “You look so tired.”

I said with my voice shaking, “I’m not tired but can I tell you something?”


I told that woman everything and she listened as if I was pouring holy medicine into her spirit pores.

She hugged me hard and we cried on the corner of Aisle 11.  Her fingertips gripped tight the broken pieces of faith in me as if she was holding her own heart together determined not to lose one more piece.

She whispered in my ear, “God knows our needs and knows the perfect time to meet our needs. Praise God.” (Things like this only happen in Nashville!)

“Yes, Praise Him, I said. We broke our embrace and smiled at God’s faithfulness.

I kissed her hand and said, “Goodbye and I’ll see you in heaven.”

She nodded and went on her way.

I don’t know who God used to put those windshield wipers on my car but I do know I once was blind but now I see.


Thank you to Richard and Becky




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