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The Driver’s Seat

Leading Role: God

Supporting Role: Me


Why is it, Love, you hold your hands

flat against your face? 

Don’t you know you cannot hide

your tear’s from My embrace?


 Yes, my Lord, I know this

but these tears are just plain dumb.

When I say to them stay where you are

they get smart and start to come.


Tell Me now, what made you sad?  

What made your heart hurt so?  

Sniffle a sniff and catch your breath

then tell Me so I know.


Today I left for church, my Lord,

my friends were meeting me.  

I saved 3 seats up front, my Lord,

to hear that Pastor speak.  

Those red seats were filling fast,

I looked among the crowd

yet saw no sign of them

my hearty heart began to doubt.  

And then I got a text 

they would not be on their way, 

their GPS was running

nearly 40 minutes late.


I see my Love and I love your heart

how it beats so sweet, 

yet the thing you must remember,

I am in the driver’s seat.


I am well aware You drive better than I

though the disappoint hit deep.

Sharing how that Pastor speaks of You

meant so much to me.


 It tickles Me so from my crown to my toes,

how your heart it leans toward Me.  

How precious your tear’s I hold in My hand

all for the sake of Me.

For it is not a loved one’s death, a sickness

or unanswered prayer you grieve

but the lack of sharing Me with your friend’s

means more than this world to Me.


Kick’en Faith

Leading Role: God

Supporting Role: Me


I did it, Lord!  I’m finally free,

I got unstuck now look at me! 

One giant leap and here I am,

my days are sweet as jelly and jam!


My love, why did it take so long

for you to trust where you belong?

You hated where it was you were,

so tell Me love, what did you learn?


When fire was burning around me, Lord,

I felt Your love surround me, Lord,

and I was too afraid to move

if You did not move with me too.


When you seek My will in all you do,

I always choose what best suits you.

Now tell Me more, I want to know

every little way, my love, you grow.


I prayed and waited for You, my Lord,

to make a way through, my Lord.

You gave to me door after door

but none felt cozy in my core.

But when You gave to me one door

I turned the latch and wanted more.


And when you peeked inside that door

what did you feel deep in your core?


I was so afraid to jump!

My knees they shook!

My throat it lumped!


And what was it inside your gutty gut

that plucked you from your rutty rut?


One weary night I heard You say

I could not please You without faith.

And so I jumped into the sky

and kicked dumb fear slam out of sight!


Oh, my love, your faith has grown

in leaps and kicks and seeds you’ve sown.

The choice was always yours to make

sometimes you must step out in faith.


What can I say as time goes by

my heart beats only for Your life.

And all I want to hear You say

is how well I kicked my boots today!

 Hebrews 11:6

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Cotton Knees

Leading Role:  God

Supporting Role:  Me

Int. Bedroom. Morning.

In the mid 1980’s, after a prayer time, I had my first vision.  I am standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people.  Another person is standing alongside me.  I believe this person is a male.  At first, I thought I would be singing, perhaps now, I would be speaking.   Speaking about the once broken things in my life, the hope in my life, Jesus in my life.  


August dusk turns to dawn

on cotton knees I turn to Thee

and humbly empty out my heart

before Your majesty.

Lord, I am not a girl who longs

for typical “girly” things,

Prada shoes, Louis Vuitton bags

don’t mean a thing to me.

And Lord, don’t get me started with women

on their Nordstrom shopping sprees

who hunt for the “perfect” red lipstick

to match their perfect Chanel pleats.

For my fashion is of a spiritual one

it is Your name I choose to wear

previewed 2000 years ago

in temples, hillsides, on crashing waves.

And what bothers me more than anything

across coffee tables and mounds of blue

is that flippy, floppy “universal” comment,

“It’s all good. Whatever works for you?!”

And Lord, how in this world, if you live in this world,

do you not know who James Foley is?!

The precious son and brother of an American family

beheaded by the demonic ISIS.

Now Lord, help me, tell me please,

how on this wrecked up earth

does a girl with a vision and a vagabond purse

rise up from cotton knees?


Habbakuk 2:2-3 “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.  For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.  Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.


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The Climb


Leading Role:  God

Supporting Role:  Me

Introducing The Devil – also known as “the evil one”, Satan, liar, deceiver of the world, roaring lion, idiot. The Devil will do everything in his power to make me feel like I will never succeed in life.  His plan is to destroy any hope I have to believe in myself and my dream.  



Lately, I’ve been pondering

this mountain I must climb.  

It seems at the foot alone I pace,

me, myself and I.


Child, I am here with you

I told you from the start

there is no place you can go

without Me in your heart.


So me, myself and I and YOU

must make ourselves a plan 

so we can journey up this path,

victorious one day stand!


Very well my sweet bold-hearted one,

which action deems us best?  

Faith is dead until we go

north, south, east or west!

The Devil

(whispers to Me)

No man or woman in this whole world

will ever read your words!  

You will never move one inch.  

You have not the gift!


I am feeling a bit sick, my Lord.  

Could it be a mistake made I?  

Perhaps I got this writing thing wrong.  

Waiting tables I don’t mind?


The evil one can make a grain of sand

look like a mountain in your eyes.  

It’s a game he plays to trick your thoughts 

in believing all his lies.


Ah!  And this, Oh Lord, is how I stay

stuck in the muddy mud, stay I!  

So shimmy I shall and trust I must

in Your truth to steer my plight!


You got that right, onward we go,

here, there and high and low!  

And you hated waiting tables, Child,

more than the places we will go!

Mark 11:23 “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, “Go, throw yourself into the sea,” and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. 

Rockets and Sweet Tea

INT:  Living Room.  Morning.




Good Morning Lord and how are you?
Have You had a sleepy night?
Have all Your dreamy dreams come true?
Are You watching from on high?

What about that prayer I prayed,
at Your cross I cried,
the one to help You change the world
and shine Your shiny light?

For in my own backyard I see
deception, hate and lies
and roaring lions, luke warm sweet tea
and southern compromise.

And when I turn the TV on
I see rockets in the sky
and floods and fire and war, war, war
and human shields, oh my!

Now, I have not the resume
one would require, even so
approve me, use me, scoot me off
broken places I will go.

Once a child so small was I,
my foolish days you know.
I have had enough of milk,
with You I grow, I grow!

In Your classroom Lord, I sit
tip, tipping off my seat
with oooh! oooh! ooohs! and hands raised high
pick me, pick me, pick me!

To Work or Not to Work?


LEADING ROLE: GOD – The Father of Jesus, His only Son who died for me so I could be forgiven of my sins.  God’s purpose is to tell me the Truth about what love is and how sin separates me from God.  God is full of love, grace, hope, mercy, forgiveness and all things good.  God is always with me.  God sees my heart and has a plan and a purpose for my life which He is leading me to.  It breaks God’s heart when I don’t understand how much He loves me.

SUPPORTING ROLE: ME – I was once a sinner who was forgiven when I accepted Jesus in my heart.  Now the Holy Spirit is alive inside of me sharing God’s deepest secrets.   I call Him my Lord and Savior.  I call myself an ex-sinner in need of daily repentance and cleansing.  I only want to be used by God to turn His light on in this dark world.  I am clumsy though and fall short of God’s glory.  But I continue to humble myself and always return to God, the One who created all things. 

INT:  Living Room.  Morning.

Lately, I have been working on writing ideas in the early mornings before I go to my survival job.  Just when I get  lost on a page, moving words around like pieces of a puzzle until they find their perfect place in a sentence, it’s that time.   The shower alarm rings in my head, blow dryer and mascara wand to follow.  Soon, I’m in my car driving to a place I have no desire to go to anymore.  A place that sucks the life out of me.  Someday, I will exchange that place for an ocean view off the Amalfi Coast, a pad of paper and a pencil and a paycheck that says “writer” in the occupation space.   


On bended knee, Oh Lord I pray, may I call out from work, at home I stay?


Dear child, what is the reason you have made this request to me known on this day?


‘Tis my hearts desire to pen a song or my life story from when I was born.  Since you have turned the bad in me good now my heart churns as it should.  And to myself I cannot keep the work you have done inside of me.


Child, this is not a wise thing for you to do.  You have a stack of bills and rent coming up too.


But words are bouncing in my brain begging for a line on a page.  The clock it ticks, the stars burn bright, for me Lord, I must write, write, write!


These words of yours I have given you.  Now that I live in you, I  bounce, bounce too!


Let’s hold hands and bounce so high and see if we can touch the sky!  Yes, You have given me this gift now I must be obedient to it!


Haha!  This is Me you are speaking to!  Nice try I say, I do, I do!  Remember, my thoughts are higher than yours, the sky you will touch, in due time you will soar!

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.




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