Diary of a God Girl

…eat slow, take small bites

The Pond

“Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, I said, and lead me throughout the day.”

I have been working on some writing projects and felt led to go to a particular coffee house. I got my drink and set computer up with plug in wall.  I propped my boots up on chair across table, unloaded notes and opened Bible.

I get to writing.

No sooner am I all settled in and comfy, ready to spit out words from crazy head, does it become freezing in the place.   I think, surely they will turn the air off or at least turn it down.

Words froze in head.

It is unusually cold to the point that I could not even concentrate on the spelling of a word let alone the writing of a word.

I gather stuff up and head for car.  I sit before steering wheel in parking lot.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:6 NKJV

I wait for Holy Spirit to lead the way.

I say, “God, I suppose You have a better place for me to sit and write today?  Where would You have me go?”

I wait patiently.

I watch a bird peck on the gravel.

I watch traffic light turn red and green and yellow several times.

I sip coffee.

Then, it was clear, “Go to the pond.”

I head for the pond.

As I pull up, I see a woman sitting in the same seat I always sit in. “God, I say, not only will I not be at peace to write but someone is sitting in my seat! There’s a woman in my seat! Surely, You meant for me to go somewhere else?!”

I don’t give leaving one thought because the peace I did have assured me that I was in the very place God wanted me to be. I grab coffee and computer and Bible and notes and get out of car. I take a seat opposite woman sitting in my seat.

I say to woman, “I thought I was the only person who discovered this place.”

“No, she said, I come here all the time.

“I love it here.”, I say.  Funny, I thought to myself, I come here all the time too and I never saw woman here.

God was up to something.

I begin to gather words in brain hoping to bind them up in a book one day.  Yup, a book about how God’s Truth saved a messed up me.   Little did I know, I was about to have a one on one with the very woman sitting in my seat.

It was the geese that got us talking, all the and flapping and squawking out there on the water had us laughing hard, our bottoms bubbling up in our cushioned seats.

Woman begins to ask questions about life and Nashville rent and what I am up to. I tell her, “I am working on writing my first book.  I have to share my story and the Gospel of Jesus to all who will listen from a heart that has been put back together with a scissor and some tape.”

She laughs and says, “You’re talking about the Bible, and I am an atheist.”

God is funny.

“So, what do you believe in?”, I asked.

“I believe in science, woman said.  The Bible is just made up stories especially, the virgin birth. I try to believe it but science keeps getting in the way.  I don’t believe in God and I don’t believe in the Devil. If I believed in one I would have to believe in the other. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I don’t believe God even exists, so, I don’t believe he created the universe. I feel as if we are used as pawns between God and the Devil. And what about the books that were left out of the Bible? And Moses…, there is no proof he even exists???”

Not only couldn’t I believe what I was hearing, I didn’t believe what I was hearing.

God sent a Born-Again Christian to speak to an atheist.

Woman and I spoke for over 2 hours. I told her about the devil’s plan for her life opposed to  God’s plan for her life. I talked about why Lucifer’s pride got him thrown out of heaven and how he is trying to deceive her into believing that God doesn’t exist so he could win her over to get back at God.  We covered archeology and Adam and Eve and Noah and Biblical history etc. I told her who Jesus was, why God sent Him  and what that meant for her.  We played word-catch gently back and forth in love and compassion.

Woman was empty, lost, lonely, deceived, depressed, angry and full of hopelessness.

It all came down to two things; her faith and her spiritual life.  She had no faith and she had no spiritual life.  I explained the need for her to be born again so the Holy Spirit, the only true spirit, could come alive inside her and lead her into the light of truth about who God is and who she is in Him.

God sent taped-up-heart-girl full of Jesus love to woman so He could tell her the truth about how much she means to Him. 

God never gives up on us, we give up on Him.

It was getting late.  Woman reached for her phone and put her binoculars around her neck. I knew I couldn’t let woman leave without asking her one question.

Determined to fulfill God’s call for the day, I asked plainly, “Before you leave, can I pray with you?”

With no hesitation, woman said, “Yes”, and in that moment, I swear I saw woman’s heart door open just enough for God hope light to slip in.

God led me to an atheist who wanted me to pray for her.

I moved over to where woman was sitting and I held her cold hands tight.  I bowed my head at the forgiving feet of Jesus while the Holy Spirit moved deep.   I prayed salvation for the woman who was sitting in my seat at the pond where God led me to.

I said, “In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Woman said, “You’re a very sweet person.”

“I don’t mean to be sweet, I said, I mean to tell you the Truth so you can be set free from the lies that you believe”.

I am not the first person God put in woman’s life to tell her about why He had to send Jesus to die for her, but what is I am the last?

God is after Marie.  Marie, that is her name.

With voice cracking and salt about to spill over water-line, I said, “God led me to you today because you were on God’s mind and God was on my mind. I love you and I want to see you in heaven.  You were God’s divine appointment for me today.”

The fact that Marie was trying so hard to disprove that God exists actually proves He indeed does exist.  The fact that Marie couldn’t understand why bad things happen in peoples lives and in the world proves that God is God and we are not.  God made all of us with a spiritual hole inside that needs to be filled and until we ask God to fill that hole with the Holy Spirit through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we will never be satisfied.

Marie is on my prayer list now and every morning I declare her salvation to God.  I believe God’s will, will be done in her life.

I pray we all humble ourselves and come to Him with childlike faith so we can learn the greatest glory lessons of life.

“He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.  He has also set eternity in the human hearts of men;  yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”  Eccleciastes 3:11




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