Diary of a God Girl

…eat slow, take small bites

The Driver’s Seat

Leading Role: God

Supporting Role: Me


Why is it, Love, you hold your hands

flat against your face? 

Don’t you know you cannot hide

your tear’s from My embrace?


 Yes, my Lord, I know this

but these tears are just plain dumb.

When I say to them stay where you are

they get smart and start to come.


Tell Me now, what made you sad?  

What made your heart hurt so?  

Sniffle a sniff and catch your breath

then tell Me so I know.


Today I left for church, my Lord,

my friends were meeting me.  

I saved 3 seats up front, my Lord,

to hear that Pastor speak.  

Those red seats were filling fast,

I looked among the crowd

yet saw no sign of them

my hearty heart began to doubt.  

And then I got a text 

they would not be on their way, 

their GPS was running

nearly 40 minutes late.


I see my Love and I love your heart

how it beats so sweet, 

yet the thing you must remember,

I am in the driver’s seat.


I am well aware You drive better than I

though the disappoint hit deep.

Sharing how that Pastor speaks of You

meant so much to me.


 It tickles Me so from my crown to my toes,

how your heart it leans toward Me.  

How precious your tear’s I hold in My hand

all for the sake of Me.

For it is not a loved one’s death, a sickness

or unanswered prayer you grieve

but the lack of sharing Me with your friend’s

means more than this world to Me.


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