Diary of a God Girl

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Barn Doors

My first visit @GraceChapelLF

Diary of a God Girl

I never thought of myself as a farm girl. A barn girl. I always longed for ocean waves crashing against my heart softening the ridges deep. The smell of the salt and the sand sticking on ocean dripping skin.  How peace ripples sacred into my spirit when I stare out into the vast unending of God. How the mountains crumble away in the small of me.

Lately, I long for a field. A field where the sun is hidden and the crop weeps for the water to grow them strong and tall. A field where the sky is set ablaze all orange and red before night falls and just before God turns on the moon to glow and the stars to twinkle over the lost and the lonely and the broken weak.

I long for a field.  God’s field.  

Matthew 9: 36,37 But when He saw the multitudes, He…

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