Diary of a God Girl

…eat slow, take small bites

Kick’en Faith

Leading Role: God

Supporting Role: Me


I did it, Lord!  I’m finally free,

I got unstuck now look at me! 

One giant leap and here I am,

my days are sweet as jelly and jam!


My love, why did it take so long

for you to trust where you belong?

You hated where it was you were,

so tell Me love, what did you learn?


When fire was burning around me, Lord,

I felt Your love surround me, Lord,

and I was too afraid to move

if You did not move with me too.


When you seek My will in all you do,

I always choose what best suits you.

Now tell Me more, I want to know

every little way, my love, you grow.


I prayed and waited for You, my Lord,

to make a way through, my Lord.

You gave to me door after door

but none felt cozy in my core.

But when You gave to me one door

I turned the latch and wanted more.


And when you peeked inside that door

what did you feel deep in your core?


I was so afraid to jump!

My knees they shook!

My throat it lumped!


And what was it inside your gutty gut

that plucked you from your rutty rut?


One weary night I heard You say

I could not please You without faith.

And so I jumped into the sky

and kicked dumb fear slam out of sight!


Oh, my love, your faith has grown

in leaps and kicks and seeds you’ve sown.

The choice was always yours to make

sometimes you must step out in faith.


What can I say as time goes by

my heart beats only for Your life.

And all I want to hear You say

is how well I kicked my boots today!

 Hebrews 11:6

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.


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